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New Jersey Medical Marijuana Doctors

New Jersey Medical Marijuana DoctorsSome doctors in New Jersey have been advocating the use of medical marijuana to treat certain illnesses for a long time. The law prohibited prescription of the drug, but that didn’t stop the doctors who truly believed in the benefits of medical marijuana from steadfa stly campaigning for its legalization for medicinal use.

Now that a legislative measure has passed, New Jersey medical marijuana doctors will be free to advertise their services, offering careful consultations and thorough recommendations to their existing patients, as well as new patients seeking comfort and relief from pain brought on by their illnesses.

Many patients are confused about their legal standing, and whether their illness qualifies them for medical marijuana under the law. New Jersey medical marijuana doctors will set up a consultation appointment where all the patient’s concerns will be discussed and put at ease. Whether you qualify for medical marijuana depends on the final outcome of state law. Unlike California, and some other states, New Jersey is greatly limiting what illnesses are and are not eligible for medical marijuana.

Patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS, and Cancer will be eligible under the new law, but the patient’s doctor will be key in determining how valuable medical marijuana will be on a case by case basis. Often, medical marijuana will prove more beneficial than other conventional drug therapies, particularly when it comes to pain relief, and lack of long term side effects. Doctors have found after years of study that there are virtually no negative side effects to limited medical marijuana use.

Once a New Jersey medical marijuana doctor has made a determination authorizing the use of medical marijuana in a patient’s case, an ID card will be distributed, allowing the patient, or a legal representative of the patient, to obtain medical marijuana from a state licensed dispensary.

The most important thing to remember is that whether medical marijuana is the right treatment for an illness is something that needs to be decided between a patient and their doctor. New Jersey medical marijuana doctors will now have the freedom and the legal authority to prescribe a treatment for their patients that will bring some relief to pain that has so far been inefficiently treated by conventional drug therapies.