New Jersey Medical Marijuana Information

New Jersey Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

New Jersey Medical Marijuana DispensariesChanging legislation means that New Jersey will soon be offering medical marijuana to patients that suffer from a number of debilitating illnesses. Unlike many of the previous states to offer these services, however, New Jersey medical marijuana dispe nsaries will be run a bit differently. Most details surrounding the new measure seem to indicate that everything about the program will be run with a higher degree of regulation and stricter adherence to guidelines than in previous states.

The New Jersey medical marijuana dispensaries will be set up in three regions – southern, northern, and central to start – with two facilities per region. Medical marijuana will be obtained from these dispensaries by patients with an active ID card registered with the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, or by a designated, registered caregiver, responsible for obtaining and administering medication to the patient.

In the past, New Jersey residents who have had medical marijuana recommended to them by physicians as a viable treatment option for pain management have been unable to legally obtain it. Some have driven outside state lines to achieve relief from their suffering, always worried about the legalities in question.

Though the New Jersey medical marijuana dispensaries will be limited in number at the start, public demand could see their numbers grow. Patients unable to travel long distances to their closest dispensary should write to their local representative, explaining why the law should allow for more dispensaries in a denser allocation.

Unfortunately, many still see medical marijuana as a danger to their neighborhood, mistaking legitimate, legal dispensaries for drug dens on the corner, endangering their children. Education is the only weapon against such misinformation. In reality, the New Jersey medical marijuana dispensaries will be heavily monitored by the DHSS and the Department of Law and Public Safety. Both institutions will be in charge of monitoring the amount of marijuana patients are allowed to obtain from the dispensaries.

While New Jersey law will only legalize the sale of medical marijuana to eligible patients within the state, the new legislation will allow a patient who legally purchased marijuana at a dispensary to travel anywhere within the United States without fear of legal ramification, provided they carry their ID card.